Freenode, formerly known as Open Projects Network, is an IRC network used to discuss peer-directed projects. Their servers are all accessible from the host names and, which load balances connections by using the actual servers in rotation.

On the freenode IRC network you need to register your account (aka nick) to be able to chat in most channels. A detailed howto is available on the freenode site. It only takes a few minutes to register so it's not that big a hassle. If you're using client software there's usually a way to have the registration done automatically once you log on. Basic IRC Commands . IRC commands allow you to perform specific functions on IRC, such as maintaining control of a channel and the users on it. The following list of basic IRC commands will help you get started. Jan 30, 2010: freenode migrates to ircd-seven (this accounts for some discrepancies in channel access lists, and is when channel 'owners' became known as 'founders') May 15, 2010: awstott was added as staff channel operator. Jan 22, 2010 · /server • Joining a channel /join #channel • Setting yourself away /away • Removing your away status /back • Leaving a channel /part • Quitting IRC /quit • Registering your name /msg NickServ register PASSWORD email • Changing your name /nick NAME If everyone reading this donated $1 we would be done in a matter of hours. Once we reach our goal of $150/mo we will remove ads site-wide, but if you become a Patron today♥ you will enjoy a totally ad-free experience! ☺ After I installed account-plugin-irc, empathy connected to the freenode account I defined in Online Accounts. I think this process has changed in the later releases of ubuntu, hence the caveat for 13.04. – adamlamar Sep 11 '13 at 21:46 Feb 07, 2010 · Hi, when i join freebsd channel in i get the following response. ERC> /join #freebsd *** 473 trybeingarun #freebsd Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited My questions are 1. How should get a freebsd invite? 2. Is there any other freebsd channel

computer science channel on freenode My friends and I created a new channel on freenode (##computerscience) where people could talk about CS. A lot of the channels on freenode are about programming languages and operating systems, but few (none?) are about theoretical stuff..

Register your nickname on the server (most GUI clients do this automatically). for example freenode has a guideline: /msg NickServ REGISTER password Start your own channel freenode - goods search system. Fridge type fridge: refrigerator with freezer: refrigerator without a freezer Change the protocol to IRC and enter as the server. Nickname; To register your nickname. Click on Buddies>New Instant Message>Fill in NickServ for Name. send a message "register PASSWORD EMAIL" (where the CAPs are replaced by your info) click join a chat and add the channel, ie. #wikipedia-en-help; Trillian /connect 6667 YourNick:YourPassword I successfully created my user and registered it. But I'm not able to register my channel or become an channel

Syntax: /msg ChanServ REGISTER channel password description Registers a channel in the ChanServ database. In order to use this command, you must first be a channel operator on the channel you're trying to register. The password is used with the IDENTIFY command to allow others to make changes to the channel settings at a later time.

May 19, 2017 · To join your first channel, you can select the IRC channel of choice in the dropdown menu and search for a channel. intro-riot-04-directory.png For example, if we want to find on Freenode, you can select the Freenode option and search for .