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Avoid LOVEFILM at all costs — Digital Spy That hasn't arrived, so I'm contacting lovefilm to see what the next step is. The worrying thing is, I've also had another one go missing - I've got to wait until next month for Royal Mail to get in touch. And - lovefilm apparently despatched 2 other films nearly a fortnight ago which haven't arrived yet. Free 3 months Lovefilm — MoneySavingExpert Forum Dec 16, 2006 Lovefilm By Post DVD rental service to close - BBC News Aug 14, 2017 LoveFilm on Apple TV in UK? | MacRumors Forums

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It also claimed over 70,000 titles, and over 4 million DVD, Blu-ray or game rentals per month in five countries. Through a series of acquisitions, Lovefilm quickly became the leading online DVD rental and streaming outlet in the UK and Europe.

The company offered a download service alongside postal delivery but this ceased on 23 February Netflix price: How much is the subscription in the UK May 31, 2019 Got any LoveFilm discs at home? You can keep them LoveFilm was purchased by Amazon in 2011, which offered Blu-rays, DVDs and computer game rentals. However, back in February 2014, the site's streaming service was merged with Amazon Prime Instant Amazon Acquire LOVEFiLM – TheSixthAxis Jan 20, 2011